Transferring info from one project to another?

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Another quick question - I was hoping to find this in the manual but the current version of the manual on the Steinberg site is for Cubase 5 (even under the Cubase 6 link… weird!).

I have moved over from Logic to Cubase, and am interested to know if there’s a feature similar to this in Logic:

If I am working on a new project in Logic but want to import, for example, a track from another project, I can just go to the “Media” section in Logic, then into the “browser”, and I can open a project there. From there appears a list of all the tracks, and I can import one, or more than one. Tick-boxes allow me just to import the plug-ins for a track, without the content, if I just want to do that (for example if I had a great chain of effects in the other project, and just want to import those into my new project, without the actual track audio).

Is there a way to do this in Cubase?

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Cubase has track archives, which you have to create for every project first though. So not quite as comfortable as in logic it seems.
Operation mabual download works correct here.

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Thanks for this info - sorry for my delayed reply!

I’m trying to work out how to do a track archive, not really clear as yet… but just to confirm, is it also possible to justt open the two projects at the same time, and drag track content / track configuration / plugins between the two open projects?

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I don´t think, have never tried it though…

You can drag audio files from one project to another.

If you want to use tracks from one project on another project just select all the tracks you want to move then go to “export” - “selected tracks” on the first project then on the second project go to “import” - “track archive”.

I miss this feature for a logic too but I have just dragged tracks from one project to another. This isn’t th best as all content for that track comes with it including freeze files. I’ll look more closely at archives.