Transferring key commands and preferences from D2

I have upgraded from Dorico 2 to Dorico 3 and migrated to a new computer.

I would like to bring along all of my key commands and preferences from D2.

I am running Windows 10. What are all the “AppData” files I need to transfer?

Roaming, Steinberg, Dorico 2. For key commands, there’s a json file called keycommands_en that you can copy over.

I think, although I’m not positive, that you can copy the whole folder over in its entirety. But it might be safer to find the obviously-named files for your needs and manually copy and paste them.

I’m curious about this. Does one of these files determine the size of the window at which a default file opens? I might at one point have ported all of these files from my laptop to my desktop computer, and now files generally open on the desktop computer at the resolution of the laptop, i.e. not filling the screen, and I have to resize the window each time. It’s the same story if I’ve worked on a file on the laptop and then open it on the desktop. If the last save of a file was done on the desktop, it does open full screen the next time I open it. It’d be nice if all files, both default and otherwise, always opened full screen.

When you close and reopen a project, Dorico remembers the position and contents of all the windows that were open.

I don’t know where that is stored, but if it transfers between computers it is probably in the .dorico file itself. (I don’t have two licenses to test this out myself).

Update: I did a partial test of this by renaming a .dorico file when it was closed, and opening the renamed file. The open windows were still remembered, so they must be stored in the file itself.

There’s also an option in Preferences for new windows to open maximised, which I have switched on, but it’s switched off by default.

I can’t always detect a pattern, although I had missed the option to open windows maximised (thank you, Daniel!) and will give this a try. Could it have to do with having two licenses?

No, I can’t see how that would have any bearing on it whatsoever.

Didn’t think so. Thanks.