Transferring Large Installation files offline

Hi there!

I have really bad internet connection atm, so downloading the installation files for Cubase 10 takes a really long time! I might want it on two computers so i was wondering if I could transfer the installation files locally with a flash drive. Or does the new download assistant “lock” the software to the machine it’s installed on?

I’m running windows 10 64bit on both computers btw.

You’de have to download it again on a separate computer. So putting it on a flash drive for the second would be advisable.

(Nickledome is not mistaken about copying the files to a flash drive, but here’s more info) There is no lock, or anything similar, the entire copy protection scheme is done by the elicenser control center, and the install packages are freely download-able.

By default the files are downloaded to ~\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\ so you could simply share that folder on your local network and copy them, or even install from there if your LAN is fast enough. This is what I do, using the the two systems listed in my sig

In my case it would be more practical to use a external drive, I want a backup anyway^^