Transferring license from one computer to another

Hi all, first post so be kind. I have spent a bit of time looking at the license transfer posts but they al seem to refer to a physical ‘dongle’. I bought Cubase 7 elements and have the activation key on my machine at work, however I came home to run it on my laptop and rightly it suggests that the code has been activated. I logged into my profile to find a way to remove the permission from my work computer to my laptop but I can’t see how to do it. (a bit like itunes where you can deactivate computers)

Is this possible? Or do I have to drive to my office to delete the software off my work mac?

Here is a link that may help. I recommend either putting the license on a USB dongle or requesting a “reactivation” on the new computer. This FAQ should cover both options.

Thanks, Ive tried reactivation but it asks for a new soft e-licencer number. Which according to the FAQ is found in the drop down in the control centre. However when I try to add the license number to the control centre it says it has already been authorised so wont let me add it.

You need to install eLCC on the NEW computer and enter THAT eLicenser number, not the OLD one.

Thanks, I worked it out, its not very simple I have to say!


what exactly did u do?? cuz i have the same problem

I have the same issue. I wanted to transfer Cubase LE 10 from old PC to new one. I downloaded the eLicenser control tool to the new PC however i don’t see the new eLicenser number which is required to start the ‘reactivation’ process. I then read through the instructions and downloaded elicense tool helper application for missing elicense number, but it fails to run on my new Windows 10 Pro PC. I don’t understand why this process has to be so complicated. Anybody knows how I can move the Cubase software from one PC to another?

Install the latest eLCC software on your new computer. Install your CB LE10 software on your new computer. Follow the instructions for “Reactivation”.

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