Transferring License to Different Computer

I’m going to college and need to start using Cubase on my laptop instead of my desktop computer at home. I have Cubase 6 on my desktop and is incompatible with my laptop since it’s running El Capitan 10.11.6. If I were to purchase the update on my desktop to Cubase Pro 8, could I then transfer my license to my laptop? When I plug in my USB e-licenser and type in the license it says that the activation code has been used already. Is this only because it’s a Cubase 6 license and I have the Cubase 8.5 trial on my laptop?

Which activation code are you using, the one you got with Cubase 6? That won´t work. I think you should have gotten a new one witrh the Cubase 8 trial.

That is no need to reactivate, transfer or do anything like that If you are using an usb key. Install Cubase, install elicenser software and plug the usb key into the new computer and you are done.