Transferring Midi file from PowerMac G3 to Intel Mac.

I found a couple of valuable Midi files that I didn’t migrage to my Intel Mac 7 years ago. I need one of them
to finish an album. I have a crossover Ethernet cable connnected but so far no luck. Don’t want to use floppy drive.
The files in question have the .ALL extension. Would like to transfer from computer to computer. Any one know
how to do this?

.ALL files are the old Cubase song files, not exactly MIDI. You’ll need an installation of Cubase SX (or was it 5?) to translate it to .cpr and then maybe a USB-drive to get it to the other computer… SX can be downloaded from here.

As I remember, that 's not quite correct. I transferred hundreds of Midi files as .mid and uploaded to my Intel Mac. It’s been 7 years now. I have Cubase VST 4.1 on the Power PC and it worked fine. I’m sure there’s a better way. I just have to think it out some more.

Also, I can’t use the internet with the Power PC so getting SX is not possible.Plus the link you show is not accessible.

Aloha k,

No internet/no floppies/ no ethernet.

Tough one.
1-USB stick transfer?
2-Does the G3 have a working optical drive?
3-and is it possible to burn a CD from it?
4-Is it possible to get SX3 on a disc from Steiny? (try e-mailing support)

Good Luck!

Again, .mid files are not .ALL files, which you mentioned in your post. Sorry for trying to help, good luck on thinking it out.

The thing is there is only “one” midi project I need. Just one. I have a crossover ethernet connected from the
beige G3 to my Intel Pac Pro. A friend said this should work. I hope so.

Also, I could install a usb card into the G3 and use a stick drive. I believe usb was good then. Not sure.

Thanks Arjan. I am trying to download it now. The disc is spinning and I hope it downloads. What about the dongle issue. Not necessary?

I downloaded Sx 2. However, it wants a name and serial number in order for me to install. Now what? I only need this software to get a .ALL file converted to .MID. Any suggestions?

I have Sx2 and a license number. When I install it I get this error message: Syncrosoft POS errror message. A protection message relating to eLicense or something. It’s not in the Library and I can’t run the program. Would be nice to have this since Steinberg has furnished the license number.

You can run SX2 with your Cubase 6 license. There is no need to obtain another license.

But as if I remember correctly, there is some problems with power PC and the new elicensers. Maybe you should try this conversion with a intel Mac or Windows.

I only used the Power PC to get the .ALL files. I am using Cubase 6 with Snow Leopard. I followed the link in the above posting and downloaded Cubase Sx3. Can’t open it. An eLicense prompt comes up each time so I can’t use it yet. Same with Cubase Sx2/

Check out the transferring .ALL files to .MID. That’s where I followed the link to Steinberg and downloaded Sx3.

Well, I don´t know what is happening. I can open SX3 with my Cubase 7.5 license (Windows 7).

Did you tried using this elicenser?

I’ll try it.

Thanks to Macumbaria for adding the missing link. It was this eLicenser that I downloaded that made Sx3 open. However, it took about 3 tries but now I have the valuable missing .ALL midi files on my Cubase 6.

Good vibes to you brother.

I’m glad to help! :slight_smile:

The licence you posted works with SX3 but I had to uninstall it and download the latest eLicense in order for Cubase 6.0.6 and Wavelab 7 to open again. This wan’t too good.