Transferring Mixconsole strip/EQ presets between machines?

I’m starting to use the channel strips in the Mixconsole and have started to save some of my own channel strip settings as presets. Is there a preferred method of transferring these personal presets to another machine - I’m thinking between desktop and laptop, so that presets made on either machine can be available on both. I’d naively assumed they might be saved with the project, but I think that’s incorrect - they’re saved and recallable through the mediabay so they are available Cubase-wide. Does this mean I need to copy preferences from one machine to another?

I don’t mind if this is the way to do it, although I can easily see me getting confused about two-way swaps between different machines (in order to copy all presets to both machines, irrespective of which machine is used to save them). I’m hoping that someone experienced in preset or mediabay use can tell me there’s a much more obvious and quicker way of doing this.