Transferring Nuendo5.5 sessoion to protools 9

Hi Guys,

I am working on a feauture film as a sound designer/ sound effects/foley editor. I am doing all the work in Nuendo 5.5.I work in a small 5.1 studio. Now I have done quite a lot of pan automation. LFE volume automation. Spatial width automation in Surround panner v5. I do the normal volume changes in the volume handle. Previously when I use to work with stereo projects, I would export an AAF and all the data will go to Protools without any problems as i would not use fader based automation. I would use volume handles instead. Now in this film I have used a lot of pan automation as I said earlier. So can anyone please suggest me the best possible way to transfer this project to Protools? Please answer asap…In need of urgent assistance.

I would hazard a guess that the surround panner automation wont be compatible between the two apps, and wont be exported in aaf.

If you have kept things simple and mainly been panning a mono source around the 5.1 field you may have luck copying he automation data lanes for each of the surround panner planes onto an individual regular stereo panner auto track in a dummy audio track you create. transfer the aaf, and then on the PT side recombine all those lanes back to their correct planes in the PT surround panner…it will be arduous but it might work. Not certain, but thinking laterally here…

All of the other cool stuff in the nuendo panner would be hard to translate if the pt panner doesnt have equivalent functions or write its position data in the same fashion…I haven’t done surround work in PT so I’m not real sure.

Or someone might correct me and say the surround panner info transfers OK in AAF, but I would highly doubt it. Considereing you have to jump through hoops to even transfer multichannel media between the two apps…

Good luck!

You will have to redo most of your panning work.

Sad, but true. I’ve done already 4 feature films this way (all editing in Nuendo, mixed it PT) and the safest way to do so is, 3 simpe rules:

  • Forget the mixer. Just do it all with clip based volume. Bounce crossfades.

  • All MONO. Even stereo tracks, use 2 mono. Pain, ok, that’s like it is. You could even use the new function to conver stereo tracks to multimono, but only if you’re going to do it ONCE. imagine going back and forth 5 or 6 times. Crazy.

  • All BWAV. All 16 OR 24 bit.

Prior to export, DUPLICATE all your tracks. Check then for stereo items in mono tracks (if any) and crossfades abd bounce those items on the duplicated tracks (Ok, I know, I usually have like 150 tracks, do that would be 300, doesn’t matter. They’re just tracks.) That way, if you have to tweak somethin, you will still have you original tracks.

Hope this helps,