Transferring projects from "Cubase to Cubasis"

I’m posting this simply as an fyi, because forum search results are vague and there’s no topic explicitly giving this information.

Cubasis doesn’t have the ability to open or import Cubase and Nuendo projects. You must export stems, and then open them from Cubasis’ Mediabay. This workflow is identical to to the “old school” method of transferring projects to any other daw application,

Hi @Steve,

The freely downloadable Cubasis importer allows to import Cubasis tracks with Cubase. Due to many differences between iOS, Windows and macOS it is not possible to offer importing Cubase projects with Cubasis - except for importing STEMS.


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Hi @LSlowak

Thanks for the info, Lars. It’s not a complaint by the way - things are working great on my Android tablet with Cubasis, and I’m using it more and more. I posted to hopefully make it fast to learn the info for other new Cubasis users finding their workflow.

I have brought several projects over to Cubasis from Cubase with no issues at all. I am loving using it.

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Thanks for your kind feedback, @Steve - greatly appreciated!
Enjoy being creative!

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