Transferring projects from Logic to Cubase 7?

Hi Guys,

Wondering if anyone can make a suggestion as to the best format and method to use for transferring the audio and MIDI from a Logic 9 project into Cubase 7?

I’m looking to just transfer all the raw audio tracks and MIDI, (and tempo information) not the tracks with their effects. I’ve experimented with the OMF format but haven’t had any success in opening the resulting files in Cubase.

Any recommendations on this would be greatly appreciated!


I’ve done quite a lot of this. I’ve always used OMF and midi files. It’s useful to know that you can have both apps open simultaneously to check progress, etc.


Same here, OMF + MIDI.

SSL has application for transfering between diferent DAWs. But it doesn’t work to 100%.

Or you can run Logic and Cubase simultaneously, and route the signal buy using internal Mac routing (if you are not switching from Mac to Windows at the same time).