Transferring soft License (Reactivation)

I really apologise for this.
I can’t find any clear steps.
Baby steps!

I want to transfer a soft license to a new computer. Then I want to upgrade Elements 7 on a USB dongle (I have this copy on disk) to E8 on the old computer.
But first:

  1. I can’t download to the new computer a copy of Elements 8 to reactivate. (Do I download a trail version and will that reactivate?). I do have a spare dongle but would prefer a soft license transfer.

  2. I presume the reactivate takes E8 off the old computer. But happens to the software?

Can you clarify exactly what licenses you already own. It’s not completely clear from your post.

Thank you
I own TWO licenses. 1 an eLicenser and 2 a soft license
I own an Elements 7. That is on a USB dongle. This is the one I planned to upgrade to E8 in the future

I own an Elements 8 that is a soft license. This is the one I want to move to a new computer


you need to :

  1. Install Cubase Elements 8 on the new computer
  2. Reactivate the license

How to reactivate:

  • Install the latest eLicenser Control Center:
    The eLicenser Control Center is installed along with the Steinberg software but it is recommended to use the latest version.
  • Log in to your MySteinberg account:
  • In “My Products” select the software you intend to reactivate. The expanded view allows you to start the “Software reactivation” by clicking on the button.
  • Enter the “New Soft-eLicenser” number. The number is displayed by the eLicenser Control Center which can be found in the “Program Files” (Windows) or “Applications” (Mac) folder on your computer.
  • Click on “Reactivate”
  • A new activation code appears in this section. In addition, it will be listed under “My Products” and you will also receive it by e-mail
  • Click on “I’m done” and use this code to reactivate your software
  • Open the eLicenser Control Center click on “Enter Activation Code” and enter the new code
  • Copy & Paste will do! The license will now be stored on your new system. Its registration into your MySteinberg account will be done automatically

Just in case the eLicenser Control Center does not show a Soft-eLicenser, needed for the reactivation, please have a look here:

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Sorry to be so confused
Where can I get the download of a Elements 8 to install?

Theses are my options
Cubase Elements 8 Full Version Buy $149
Update from Cubase Elements 6 / 7
Upgrade from Cubase LE / AI 6/7/8
Activation Code for the permanent activation of my trial version

If you own it already you should have a download link in your MySteinberg account, otherwise it is in the order confirmation email.

As svennilenni wrote!

Cubase Elements 8 is already registered, you should find your link in My Products -> Downloads (tab below the title in red).


Thank you. I have downloaded Elements 8 and installed it on the new iMac.
I downloaded the latest e-license control onto the new iMac. It did not contain all my license details. So was not able to give me a deactivation license number. On its maintenance script It returned “Communication problem” and “could not contact the data base”.

I opened e-licenser control on the old iMac and it was able to communicate but item 3 the expired time info failed.
Do I request the reactivate on the old iMac or the new one. If I do it on the old one I am not sure if it will successful if I enter it on the dysfunctional e-license control on the new iMac.

Not sure how to fix the eLicenser control communication. It is faulty on both iMac but in different ways. The account is constant.
I am just too frightened to know what to do.

Follow on
I get this message:
A connection to the license server could not be established, either due to incorrect network settings, or because the license server is currently not available (e.g. due to maintenance work).

Please verify your computer’s network settings and try again later, or contact your software vendor’s support department in case the problem persists.

Click ‘OK’ to proceed with further maintenance tasks, or click ‘Cancel’ to stop the maintenance procedure.
Then this window
Step 1: FAILED (Updating eLicenser License Database)
Step 2: OK (Repairing Soft-eLicenser)
Step 3: OK (Validating License Usage Periods)
Step 4: OK (Cleaning up eLicenser Memory)
Step 5: OK (Recovering License Transactions)
Step 6: OK (Sending eLicenser Information)

I give up so:

As I can see the Elements 8 in my dysfunctional eLicenser control window
Can I drag the Elements 8 to my new USB eLicenser.

Just a bit scared it may not work.

The I will use the USB licenser on each iMacs.

I really would like to get to work with Cubase.

I suspect that if you drag the license across it still needs to access the license server so it may not work.

I would just give it a try. If it fails then the license should remain where it is. I don’t think you can make anything worse.

Regarding your connection issues you should select “Create support file” in elicenser and send this file to Steinberg via your MySteinberg account.

Also check this

Thank you Grim,
I transferred the license to the dongle and it did not work as it could not connect to the Internet data base.
So I did a ‘Recover’ and the license transferred. I tried the dongle on the new IMac and Cubase opened no trouble at all.
All I can say is what a mess! Two weeks wasted. So now I will not have to upgrade the other Elements 7 on the other dongle. I can keep that for my old iMacs.

I tried The mysteinberg support but there was nothing useful, it only directed me a local distributor. There was no where to upload the file.
I thank everyone who tried to help.

A positive outcome.
I phone the local agent and he suggested it might be a connection problem along the line to the eLicenser Control.
So I created a ‘Hotspot’ on my phone,connected my computer to it and eLicenser Control was able to do its maintenance and up date its data base. I did the same with the new computer and it immediately ‘got it right’.

The problem seems to be in either a my firewall or my local IP.
So all good and thank you.

Hi, I desperately need help as a new user to Cubase LE 10 and Retrologue 2. I’ve just installed and used these software without difficulty. However, as I’m changing my computer, I can’t transfer the eLicenser (stored in old computer) to the new computer.

I’ve registered the eLicenser serial number (20 digits) with my Steinberg account. When I log-in to “My Product” and tried to reactivate both software by clicking “Reactivate License” button, it showed the old Soft-eLicenser number and when I clicked it, it came to a new page asking for “new Soft-eLicenser” number (while the old Soft-eLicenser number appeared at the bottom line). But, I don’t know how to obtain the “new Soft-eLicenser” number from the eLicenser Control Center in my old computer, which is required for obtaining the new activation code to authentic the software to be used in the new computer.

Could someone please help me?