Transferring to my New computer

Hi, i am having problems transfering my cubase and wavelab to my New computer. The soft elicenser that runs on my old laptop is somehow not registrated on my steinberg account so when i try to activate it, it says "already in use by another user " can anyone help ?

Go to ‘MySteinberg’, My Products, ELicenser and push the arrow. There should be an option to reactivate your soft licenses.

Hi marQs, i have tried that but the soft elicenser doesn’t show and when i type in the number it saus " already in use by other user"

Get in touch with support maybe. The licensing system can get pretty complex with download codes, activation codes, reactivation codes.

If you have a spare usb connection you could think about getting yourself an E-Licenser. Then it’s just the dongle where the licenses are stored. Moving to another computer is as simple as plugging the dongle into any other computer.