Transferring VST Presets between Cubase versions

Hey guys, im sure this is user error, but ive searched for days and couldnt find a solution that works…

I switched from Cubase 5.51 to 8 and I cant find my VST presets, for example I had 50 or so presets saved for Trillian, and when I switched to 8 they were gone. I dont really use mediabay, I just want to access my VST saved states in the new version of cubase, I looked in the user data folder and cant find folders for each VST as someone suggested in another thread.

im on PC btw

any help is greatly appreciated!

C/User/Documents/VST3 Presets

your tip helped me find the folder, thanks a lot man

in the manual it says :

User-defined presets are saved in the following location:

•Windows: \Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\VST3 presets<company><plug-in name>
•Mac: /Users//Library/Audio/Presets//

did a search for the folder VST3 presets and saw it was in a different location, so I just copied and pasted it over to AppData\Roaming

Problem solved!