Transform section double time

Is there a way to convert a whole section exactly to double tempo?


Is this for Audio or MIDI?

To start you must use the Tempo Track and add a node where the faster section starts and another one where it ends, then set the nodes to the desired tempo each.

All MIDI Parts will automatically follow these changes.

For Audio Events you need to switch them to Musical Mode, but for this to work properly you have to make sure the original tempo is informed in the Pool, in case it is an imported file without embedded tempo information.

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But i would also like to be able to turn the session into a score, so i would need that the actual values change. I have tried Logical Editor but it seems that it cannot be applied to whole section or am i doing somthing wrong?

You can use the time stretch tool in the project window and make the part 50% of its former length.

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Wait. Do you want the piece to actually go faster? Or do you want to change the score so that instead of

|Quarter, Quarter, Quarter, Quarter| at quarter 120 you get

|Half Half|Half Half| at quarter 240?

Thank you ! I think i got it to work with Logical Editor.