Transform tool in velocity editor in Dorico 4.0.20 and iPad

I was so hoping today’s update would fix the Transform Tool since the update blog claims the velocity editors now feel good, but alas, it hasn’t. Hopefully it doesn’t mean developers are content with an only partially working tool. Or has it just been pushed back to the next update, @dspreadbury ?

Are you referring to the fact that the Transform tool operates on all of the velocities within the region chosen, rather than only the selected velocity bars, or something else?

That is exactly what I’m referring to. This behaviour does, in my opinion, lessen it’s value significantly. Although, to be honest, I haven’t checked yet if Dorico 4 also has this behaviour or if it is only Dorico for the iPad. Either way, it’s not good.

Well, this is certainly something that we are planning to change. Our eventual plan is that the transform tool will appear automatically as soon as you have multiple items (points in the automation editor, velocity bars, etc.) selected, and that it will operate only on the selection. But we have decided to prioritise the return of the tempo, pitch bend, dynamics etc. editors before we rework the selection and transform tools any further. However, we do intend to address this in the 4.x cycle, so please continue to be patient. When all is said and done I believe we will have a really functional and really comfortable set of MIDI editing tools, but we do have to get there step by step.