transform volume to pitchbend data


I can’t figure it out: I want to use cubase as a Mackie Control.
Setting up some tracks and when I move a fader, I want to send pitchbend (AFAIK that´s what an MCU uses for volume).
I tried to program a transformer plugin but with no success.
I am sure I read about how that is done, but I cannot find the info anymore.

Can someone help me with this?



I’m sorry, but your idea cannot work like this. If you use the Transformer, you are sending the data to the MIDI track, already. But, you need to send it to the Mackie Control device. So the MIDI signal has to be routed to different target.

You could use it with external MIDI Loop back (LoopBe, or something like this). The you will send the MIDI CC7 to the MIDI track of Cubase. Here, you will change the MIDI CC7 to PitchBend, and send it Out to the LoopBe. From here, you will send the data back to the Mackie Control input of Cubase.

Or have a look at DAWCon CCtoMC.

Hi Martin,

thanks for the reply.
I managed to make a Midi loop and transform volume to pitchblende.

As it seems, the Mackie Control protocol is more tricky than just sending pitchbend data.

The DAWCon CCtoMC is not available yet, is it?

Anyway, I use a software (Mio Mixer from Metric Halo) which can be controlled from a Mackie Control, just like Cubase.
But I want Cubase to behave like a Mackie Control to control the Mio Mixer.

It can´t be done, can it?



I’m sorry, I don’t know the MIO Mixer software. In general, Cunase send the data to the Mackie Control Device or virtual Mackie. If any software can be controlled by Mackie Control, Cubase can provide the data.

So how would you connect Cubase as a “Virtual Mackie Control” to another software, let´s say Logic X?



In fact the same way, as you connect Cubase. Use some virtual MIDI Port (for example IAC driver on Mac or LoopBe on Windows). In Devices > Device Setup, add the Mackie Control device, and set the Output to the virtual MIDI Port. Now, you can use MIDI track of Cubase to send needed MIDI data (for example PitchBend on the proper MIDI channel) to control the 2nd device/software.

That does not work for me.
Maybe I get it wrong.
But it seems that the connection between Mackie Control and software is more like a master slave thing, not a simple handshake.
So I still look for a way to make cubase pretend to be a Mackie control…
thanks klaus


do you want to just send MIDI data from the MIDI track? Then you should be realy able to just a create a MIDI track, and send the MIDI Data (almost all of them MIDI Notes; faders are PitchBend and Zoom are MIDI Cotrnollers) to the output, which is set as an Input in the second software.

If it helps to you, I could create a MIDI Expression Map. So you could just select the commant from the list, in the MIDI track. Let me know, if you are interested in, and give me one week. :wink:

Hi MArtin,

many thanks for the offer, I actually solved the problem. It woks with a simple transformer plugin on a midi channel.
Don´t know why it did´t work in the first place.

Thanks Klaus