TRANSFORMER = how to set position ?


i have a midi track and i want to add some randomness to the note position (and later on to CC breath but let’s set this aside)

i use the TRANSFORMER in MIDI instert and right :

Type is | equal | note

Position | set relative random values between | -100 | +100


first question :
why can’t i select the “Position” in the action target ?
i can only have it when i select the preset called :"Standard set 1 / push back -4 : :confused:
when i go to the scroll down menu of target i only see :
Value 1 / Value 2 / channel / Type / Value 3

sescond question :
my lines or even the preset called push back -4 don’t work !
do you know how to do this ?

The “Position” parameters are only available in the Logical Editor, not in the real-time Transform Insert FX, which otherwise shares the same presets (nor are they present in the Input Transformer).
On the other hand, you can set some MIDI position randomness in the “MIDI Modifiers” section of the track’s Inspector.