Transformer/Logical Editor check last note

Hey. Posted a question about some live setup I’m trying to program a few days ago (

Didn’t get any replies, but I’ve been digging deep into this forum since then trying to come up with an algorithm myself, and got pretty close actually.

My question is: is it possible, using the transformer (in realtime) or any other midi tools, to ‘remember’ the last note that was played and compare it to the next one? (So for example - if the same note happened twice in a row perform some action). The ‘last event’ option can compare that info to an exact number, but not to a current value as far as I know. Also, I realize the Eventcounter might be useful but didn’t understand how to use it’s values in realtime.

I’d appreciate any ideas/workarounds to make it happen!

Eyal Amir