Transformer / logical editor: play only lowest note of chord?

Hey folks,

Is there a way to tell the midi transformer or logical editor to only play the lowest note of a chord?

So, say a midi or instrument track receives the chord: C3, E3, G3

All notes arrive simultaneously (via a chorder plugin)

The transformer should ignore E3 & G3 and only play the lowest note.

Obviously i could set up a filter to only play C3, but that’s not what i mean.

I mean a filter that would filter out all but the lowest note of a chord, regardless of what the notes of the chord might be.

Any ideas? … thanks!


If you would do this in the Logical Editor, then you wouldn’t set it to “not play” the note. But you can for example set the Volumes of all other (not the lowest) notes to Volume 0.

To do so:

Type Is > Equal > Note > And
Context Variable > Unequal > Lowest Pitch

Value 2 > Set to fixed value > 0

Function: Transform

If you would like to delete these notes, you can set Function to Delete instead of Transform.

You cannot do this in the Transformer, with the real time data.

Thanks Martin, that works!

I also got it working in real time with live midi input (via a chorder) using the midiPolyphony VSTi: