Transformer MIDI insert instance causes long wait on MacOS?

Hello folks -

2013MP, Mojave 10.14.6, Cubase 11.0.0.

I’ve made two transformer presets - one that moves mod wheel to CC21, and another that moves breath controller to modwheel - to control Spitfire Libraries with breath without changing the libraries.

I instantiate the first one, and I get a spinning wheel that lasts around thirty seconds. Same when I do the second one. After that it works fine. Any ideas as to why it takes that long? Only one instrument track in the whole sequence.

I’m bumping this here. Still happening. Every time I recall a transformer preset, beachball for 22 seconds. What’s up with that? Anybody?

Not seeing posts from folks experiencing that here.

Can you give us something to test, a repro as detailed in this post? How to report a bug in Cubase

Will do. Thanks!