Transit issue

Just taken a look at Transit as a possible solution for working with a guy I produce with. Im wondering if using 3rd party instruments/plugs is causing a problem as Im struggling to find detailed information on what it will and wont do. With that in mind, Ive uploaded a project, linked up with the other producer and he’s opened the project at his end. Project size shows as 10mb but the project is empty at his end. Nothing loaded at all. No channels, absolutely nothing. There’s just an empty folder with my name on it.
Any ideas on where we might be going wrong?

Thanks people! :slight_smile:

we’d need more details about your system, which version of VST Transit you use on which computer, OS, etc. Also try “sync” again, maybe something went wrong during the transfer.

Latest version of Cubase on Windows 10. I’ve simply used the version of Transit within the latest release. Is there a more up to date version?

Something I forgot to mention was that when I initially uploaded the project, Im sure the size was 156mb. When I went back after the issue was discovered, the project size is 9.1mb.

I tried uploading again yesterday as I thought it may have been a transfer issue but no change.

so your partner gets an empty folder with your name? What do you get when you apply “Sync”, does that reveal anything from your friend?
That’s new. If problems persist you could PM me your user name and the name of your project, then we might analyse it (no personal or audio files or the like, just the project file).

Im waiting for him to send me a project this morning so I can come back to you on that. One question I have in my mind is whether 3rd party plug ins will affect what is available at the other end? Should a project sent via transit only include stock plugs/instruments?

This is where we’re at right now -

Managed to get the project downloaded at the other end and all my instruments are locked. I though that I’d read that you make a duplicate of the instrument and that allows the recipient to make changes. This is using Nexus that we both have. Duplicate copies of the track cannot be edited.

Next he’s sent me an updated project with 2 additional Nexus instruments in his folder. The project has arrived ok. I’ve duplicated the first instance of Nexus and that still cannot be edited. I’ve moved to the second instance of Nexus that he added and I can open and edit that even without duplicating!!!

I’m losing a bit of patience with this as when I watched the 2 part video of this being used where a basic idea was sent to a producer and he sent back a fully edited version of the track, I thought this would be the answer to what we need but so far its just delivered inconsistency and frustration in so far as its not delivering.

Any ideas on whether I’m just asking too much from this or is it just not working?

UPDATE . The reason the first instance of Nexus couldn’t be edited was that the synth had been cleared from the track allocation during transfer. Once I allocate the synth to the track it was live. At the other end, the same, however once the synth was allocated to the channel correctly, it was still locked and the midi date could not be edited even when a duplicate channel was created as per the instructions.

Beginning to think that this does not function in any way that make sit useful as a collaboration tool unless anyone else can shed any light on whats going wrong.

“Duplicate copies of the track cannot be edited.” Correct. It is organised in folders. To clone a track from another user, copy to a track outside that folder.
Don’t know what your Nexus problems are all about, VST Transit just remembers the plugs name and ID and attempts to re-build the tracks as they were sent. “that the synth had been cleared from the track allocation during transfer” - you mean the inserted instrument would not show? Could be there are different versions of that plug on both sides?