Transitioning from MAC to PC.. Tips?

Anyone else have expeirence moving over to MAC from PC with cubase… Ive always used mac for PT etc, but now I’m trying to stay solely in MAC and want to move all my cubase stuff, what are some tips for the move?

I moved the RAMPresets file which has my groove templates. Someone else mentioned you can move your whole setting preferences?

I guess I’m asking mostly because it feels different, also sucks trying to keep sound libraries matching…

How was your tranisitons and what is something that make it a little easier and things that might be overlooked etc?


You can move the whole Cubase 10.5_64 preferences folder. You can just delete the “_64” and it will work on Mac. Even the Ctrl/Cmd translation will be made, so you can use all your Key Commands.

Or you can export-import Profile in Cubase.

The biggest pain is to search for the audio files when opening projects from the other system at the new system. But if you project structure is organised, you would just navigate to the folder.