Transitioning from PT to N12 -- Vocabulary

I hope it is OK if I ask simple questions:

PT has 2-basic fader types, one that records and another that is a ‘Line’ fader. What are the equivalents in N12… What are they called…ty ,s

Hi skatz.s,

The fader types in Pro Tools are:
Audio Track
MIDI Track
Aux Track
Instrument Track
Master Fader.

Nuendo has similar ones, depending on what it controls. Nuendo also has MIDI, Audio and “FX” , which replaces the Aux. I recommend you download and read the manual in your spare time.


Thanks the manual is 1574 pages - is there a quick start guide

FX is Aux that is what i needed to know…

Sorry about the comment… I sometimes do not understand American humor… :wink:

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What @noeqplease said is valid though. In my opinion the transition to Nuendo is totally worth it (I’ve done it a few years ago). And while there are many equivalent features, there are other things that just take a different approach. No quick reference guide will solve that, you have to work your way through that.

Over the years, transitioning multiple big workflow apps, I’ve also learned that switching an app by trying to find the equivalent doesn’t always work and will only frustrate you. If everything were the same and there are equivalents for everything, then why change? A better approach is to learn the new app with a fresh set of eyes, and your experience in audio workflows from PT.

Thank you. I just ported my old PT manuals for reference as it is really the change in vernacular that is the real challenge - like learning a new language.

Vintage Kings is also setting up a basic, pre-set (right name?) for me to explore and learn from. I am very happy to put PT behind me…

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Have you seen these series/playlist , It made foe PT users who are new to Nuendo .

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Thank you…Perfect!..

I have looked through the 1084 page manual and can not find what are the ‘two’ buttons under the ‘solo’ and 'mute ‘buttons’ on the fader strip?

Thank you for your help.

When you hover over them, there are tooltips explaining them to be ‘listen’ and ‘edit settings’.

Thank you - system hasn’t come yet so learning on paper - now I Have 2-words to search - thanks

You’re quite right, I know Nuendo very well and I had trouble finding it in the manual. You can go to page 462, 464, and 466 for the listen mode info. HTH.

There is a delie in LA that has a 100 page menu!!! All i wanted was a pastrami sandwich - took an hour to find it!!!

I’m sure once i get the program i will figure it out - too many options i just want a basic pastrami sandwich - ps the pt manual is just as bad

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