translate XML lyrics to playing technique

Hi Dorico peeps,

Since Dorico doesn’t import expression text or annotations (why not? Dorico 3 is here!), one of the only ways to get that information over is through lyrics. How can I mass convert these ‘lyrics’ to be playing techniques?

Welcome to the forum, klew.

You can’'t mass convert lyrics automatically. You can do them one at a time by reading the lyric and then typing it as a Playing Technique, stopping to add a custom Playing Technique if a default one doesn’t already exist, but that’s it.

Dorico can import text from MusicXML, by the way, which you can enable on the ‘MusicXML import’ page of Preferences, at the bottom, but you still can’t convert text items into playing techniques by any means other than creating those playing techniques, so it’s not really any better than doing it manually.

For other discussion on playing techniques and MusicXML, see this earlier thread.