Transmit MIDI from MIDI channel to multiple devices?

Using Cubase 8.0.40

In the inspector for MIDI tracks; you can select the device to receive MIDI from, and you can select the device to transmit MIDI to.

How can I transmit to multiple devices? Is it even possible? If not… I could work around my problem if HALion Sonic SE has some sort of MIDI thru option. Does it have one?

Hold alt and click in the receiving channel midi input section…

So, no transmit to X, but, receive from X…

With MIDI Sends

… provided the currently-active track is a regular MIDI track and not an Instrument Track (because they don’t have MIDI Sends… requested about a million times :wink: )

Now I don´t know what you can see on your screen, but on mine it´s:

Yes I know, but there are people who would logically expect the same from an Instrument track (so, just a little caveat :wink: )