Transparent Events - roadmap

I’d like to bring this into focus, one last time.
As it seems most users, needing Transparent Events, for their daily editing work,
have already givin’ up ( i.e. gone back to 5.5.3, jumped ship or just trying to deal with the restrictions ).

I will have to go back to 5.5.3, for the upcoming project.

Still … I would like to know :
Will Transparent Events come back, at all ??
If yes, will they return it in the next update ??
If yes, when will the next update arrive ??
( a vague estimation will do )

Usually the next update would take half a year or more.
But we’ve read, that updates will come faster and more frequent …
So … here’s a tiny bit of hope …

thanks, Jan

Yep, have to go back to 5 to actually work. But, use 6 for MIDI stuff. Painful way to work. Please give as status update on this feature!

Steinberg ??

same here im back on 5 for this very reason !

Using 5.5.3 and can’t go any further until this gets remedied. I want really badly to work with the new features, but it’s just not possible for me. I’ve tired… spent about 10 minutes getting more and more frustrated, and then uninstalled 6 entirely.