Transparent Events

Just updated to Cubase 6, was running Cubase 4 previous.

I can’t seem to find anything in the preferences menu to make the audio events transparent. I think it was simply called Transparent Events in Cubase 4. Is it re-named something new in Cubase 6? I really hope they didn’t take it out, editing is MUCH faster with a visible grid behind an audio event.

Also, can’t stand the colour scheme on the audio events. Having the event colour go negative when you roll over it seems unnecessary. It prevents me from seeing the fader handles too. Can this be changed?

Any help would be appreciated!

Removed feature, see pre release Sticky at the top of the forum for new implementation plans. There’s a long thread in the Lounge about it, also.

Oh no. Why in the world would that be removed? I guess I should have done more research before I bought this upgrade. Then again, I wouldn’t think such a useful tool would just be left out of a newer version.

See what this 6.0.2 update has to offer.

I just tested 6.02 - hoping that there was something fixed. NOTHING. Exept that new “workaround” but there you have to click-n-drag events with the mouse to make them temporary transparent. This is useless shit. Why not JUST ENABLING TRANSPARENCY for all events again? The way the dragged event looks in transparent mode is cool, why not having it as a default?

And those event scheme needs to be fixed ASAP. The waveforms are not black and detailed, they are grey and low-res - they are not precise anymore. Cubase 4/5 was WAY better here.

If I drag events with the mouse they are “on top” after that - this FCKS up my projects completely - in the other hand side there is no way to have transparency WITHOUT dragging that fukin events.

Well, Steinberg, you seriously f*cked up a great product. I can’t get it. It is such a pain to have all the new features but in an useless application. Currently I open projects in C6 when I need certain features and then I save an work on in C5.5 instead. This is such a crappy situation…

I am praying that Nuendo 5.5 will NOT have those event color scheme… PLEASE

I agree with everything you said. The event colour scheme makes working in C6 far more difficult.

Well, what I do not understand is - quite everyone is looking on this at the same or similar. But Steinberg seems not to care. All what we want is NOT changing something. This should not be THAT difficult.


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