Transparent window

Hi, I recently bought a 10 Cubase, when the program starts, a main window opens with a transparent background. The window is not maximized by default. I have to click twice each time. This is not convenient, I tried to change the properties of the shortcut, does not help, how to fix it?


I was thinking, there is a Preferences about it, but I’m not 100% sure. And I’m on Mac, so I can’t verify.

That just did not try, does not work, probably it is a feature, why only did not make it possible to turn it off.

On my system the sequence is when starting the splash screen pops up showing that Cubase Pro 10 is loading. Then when that is done a program strip is across the top part of my display monitor 1 the Cubase Desktop and the Hub is soon there in the middle. The background is not so much transparent as simply not there if that is what you are talking about. That can be changed in the Window menu Show/Hide Cubase Pro Project Desktop.

I don’t know about full screen. That is my default. The project is not. The Cubase desktop is.

This bug was introduced after a windows update (windows 10 rev.1803 i think)

I have countless of time contacted steinberg support about this issue and they do nothing.

So good luck trying to solve this.


Does it mean the Desktop setup was persistent before?

Persistent? - What i mean is, that a windows 10 update broke the Cubase window layout and they don’t do a damn thing about it.


Just checked up on things. I reported this issue 9 months ago, and still not solved.


I mean in Cubase 9, when you double-clclick the main Cubase menu and you get the Cubase desktop and you restart Cubase, the desktop was still there?

Did the behavior change in the past? On Cubase side or on Windows side?

Yes Cubase 9 worked perfect before.

After the windows 10 1803 update, Cubase 9 (and all Cubase versions before and after) suddenly forgot the maximized window state, whenever you close your project or restart Cubase. This was never an issue before.

I did alot of testing on different computers, and it works fine on older versions of windows 10 before the 1803 update.


Do I understand you right it doesn’t work even in Cubase 9 after the Windows update? So the change happened on Windows side?

That´s correct yes.