Transplant of a Transport?

I am always about 5 light-years behind other users, but I would love to see my N10 transport controls to be more like N5 design. Being old, the beefy old ‘look’ just is easier for these old eyes. Is this possible?

There lies some truth in your words.
Lines, knobs, switches and menues, etc., could well be a bit less stylish, but more user-friendly, especially for those old fart’s eyes.
Running 60 soon, I till don’t need glasses, but it is a pain having to aim for the little lines and button areas.
I strongly demand a OPG option… :wink: = Old Peoples GUI …
Now, seriously, it’s gotten better, but was even better 5 versions ago …

Servus, Big K

Can I get an admin to answer, please. Life could be so much easier if the ability to take familiar items could be ‘remembered’ and be available to replace the newer/younger/unfamiliar parts. Can this mission be possible? And just for the record, this format shows me as a newbie, it’s incorrect. After 35+ years in this industry, I’m far from a “newbie”…just ask Fredo!!