Transport bar affecting Project Window


Win 10

I have the Project Window and the Mixer visible. I also have the Transport Bar visible.

I edit a MIDI or audio Part in their respective editors, close the window and am returned to the Project Window- that’s fine- just how it’s been since 1989.

However, if I get rid of the Transport Bar (either with F2 or manually), go to the Project Window and open and close the audio or key editor (as before), I now find that the Mixer is on top, rather than the Project Window. And I can’t just click on the Project Window to take me back- I have to click on the menu bar, and then the Project Window.

That’s obviously very frustrating. Is it a Cubase bug, a Win 10 problem, or am I doing something wrong?


When did you open the MixConsole window? Where is it located? Is it over the Project window? Coukd you send a screenshot, please?

Hi Martin- thanks for your help. you asked “When did you open the MixConsole window?”.

It’s open anyway (as I want it to be), but it’s beneath the Project Window, which is beneath the Audio Editor (or Key Editor or whatever).

Here are 3 screenshots-

They don’t seem to upload here, so here’s a link to them-

1- The Project Window before editing a Part (without the Transport Bar)

2- Editing the Part. As you can see, the Project Window is beneath the Audio Editor.

3- Having closed the Audio Editor. Now, the MixConsole is on top. Of course, I didn’t touch the MixConsole.

Normally you’d expect to close the Audio Editor and return to the Project Window, with the MixConsole underneath… When the Transport Bar is present, that happens. Without it, you get the problem in the pictures.


I see, thank you. I will try to reproduce it on my system.


I just tried to reprodukce this on the Windows system, but I cannot reproduce it. It works as expected here (Cubase 8.5.15).

I tried to replicate exactly yours windows layout… How do you open the editor? Double-click to the MIDI/Audio event? How do you close the editor (Ctrl+W, or click to the red cross or double-click to the left-top corner)? I tried all of these possibilities, but all of them work as expected.

Hi Martin- did you make sure the transport bar wasn’t visible?

I open the editor by double-clicking.

I usually close the editor by pressing Return, but I tried Ctrl+W, clicking the RH corner cross (it’s not red, though, it’s black, as you can see in Pic2) and double clicking the LH corner. I get the same result as before, though.


Yes I tried both, Transport Panel visible and hidden.

The only one difference I can see, you are on Win 10, I’m on Win 8.1.

It is reporducible with 8.5.15 on Windows 7

Reproducible steps (single screen)

  1. Create Empty… (song)
  2. Close Transport
  3. Don’t maximize the arrangement
  4. Open Mixer
  5. Click Arrangement (so mixer still open in background)
  6. Add MIDI Track
  7. Add MIDI Part
  8. Edit MIDI Part (2x LMB)
  9. Close Editor

Result: MixConsole pops up over arrangement
Expected result: MixConsole stays at background

Yes- that’s exactly what happens on my system. Thanks for confirming, Niles.