transport bar border redraw issue

Hi =)

I just wanted to attach a video of the “border redraw issue” with the transport bar…

Win7x64 cubase 10.0.10 (was also present in 10.0.5 btw)

It doesn’t bother me and it does not impact the music so I do not really care… but this post is just to show you that it is there…

A white border gets drawn around the transport bar.- this happens when i move a part of the transport bar “off-screen” up down left or right… - the part that exceeds the screen gets a white border.

-I do not know what is “normal” with border or without btw… lol


I’ve noticed this as well. When I alt-tab away from Cubase the white border goes away, then when I drag the transport bar off screen it comes back. If I drag the bar half way off the screen the white border will only come back for that half.

Also if you disable some items on the bar the border goes under the buttons: