Transport bar disappeared from bottom of screen

I was working away and I noticed that my transport bar was missing from the bottom of the screen (running Cubase Pro 10.5 on Windows 10). I am not running multiple monitors. My screen is already set to max resolution. Frankly I don’t like the floating transport bar and would like to get my bottom of the screen transport bar back. Any ideas? Thank you.

Did you try clicking on the Settings (the “Gear” at the bottom right of the screen and adding the transport controls?
If the ENTIRE transport section is gone, click at the top right on the “Small gear beside a window” and check the box for the transport bar.

The setup icon is not showing at the bottom right of the screen. The bottom row has disappeared completely. I am at a loss.

Do that.

Maximise the project window? I’ve noticed the whole bar at the bottom sometimes(?) goes when a project is not maximised.

Did you read what jaslan wrote? (see image)
Transport bar.jpg

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