Transport Bar FF and REW problems

Quite new to WaveLab and today I ran into a sudden problem with the Transport Bar (and short cut keys for FF and REV. Somehow it now skips to the end or beginning of the file immediately. It doesn’t matter if I use the short cuts or click on the Transport Bar. Not sure if I’ve messed up some settings, but I can’t find anything. I’ve restarted both WaveLab and the computer without any luck. Any idea what might have gone wrong and how to fix it?

These buttons depend on what you when to jump to. Select it by right-clicking on either of these buttons.

Thank you so much for your help! That solved my problem. I must have missed that while looking in the manual. Not sure how that even changed from my last session, since I’ve never right-clicked on those buttons. Have an awesome day and thank you once more.