transport bar freezing

Hi,a recent issue which has cropped up for me is im looping one bar with a couple of kicks and the transport line stops every now and again although the audio dosent dropout.then afer a few seconds the bar moves again
any clues?

Looks and feels like a driver issue but it could also be the buffer size setting of your audio interface? Just start to try and set it to a much higher setting so your computer will have some more space to operate wit real time audio? Some plugins are more demanding.

hi,have been away for a while
i have set to higher buffer size and no difference
ill give u another example,
On preferences page,if i press the down arrow to scroll down it can be unresponsive at times as if the cpu is overloaded
when i open task manager it can be at 47% as soon as i open it,but then drops to 7/8/9 % straight away
if i close task manager and reopen it same result
any clues?

hi.update on this problem. if i click on a track on the track list it takes bout quater of a second to highlight,this should be instant.
i am using current version of cubase,but today i loaded up cubase 9 last update and loaded an old track in it.
there was no problems like the one described in my original post,and if i click on a track name it highlights instantly
i loaded this old track up in cubase 9.5 latest update and i have the original problem with it,and takes quarter of second to highlight track name
Please some advice as to what might be the problem would be great,as its currently a pain to work with.