Transport Bar - Missing Icons - Metronome Click - Count-In

The “Metronome Click” and “Count-In” icons seems to be missing in the Transport bar at the bottom of the Project window.

I can’t find them in the setup menu for the transport bar.

They are still in the old “Transport Panel”

expand the little dots

Make sure to right click on the lower transport blank area and activate the “Click & Count In & Click Pattern” option. Then as mentioned, you might have to expand the dots to the right to see all the options.

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Thank you people. “expand the little dots” does not do it. And the “Click & Count In & Click Pattern” does not show up as an option in the setup menu - (right click)

I am running Cubase Pro 9.5

This goes for both Mac and Win. (See my setup in the signature line below)

Can you post what you see when you right click on the Lower Zone Transport?

This a problem when using a transport bar preset from earlier versions. And the Click & xxxx option will NOT show like in the pic above.

I had it disappear for me, but showed up again after restarting and opening a New Project (and never touch my old Transport Bar Preset again - I overwrote it after setting my new to taste)… others have reported that they had to trash their preferences.

Ah… interesting. I wonder if simply changing the preset on the old transport panel and restarting Cubase would do the trick as well? Idea being the stored pref brought over from the previous version conflicts with the new system.

Thank you Carvin. This seems to be my problem. The “Click & Count In & Click Pattern” does not show up.

And when I try to post a picture here I get:

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Someone at a higher pay grade than me will have to fix the upload prob… :laughing:

Have you tried looking at the Setup dialog itself?

I deleted the “UserPreferences.xml” in the Preferences folder and after Cubase Pro restart I see the “Click & Count In & Click Pattern” option

Thank you all for your input :slight_smile:

Great. Glad you got it sorted. (I edited the OP title for spelling to help others find this thread.)

Thank you for the report. It is bug introduced by me.

I am working on a fix for the next possible maintenance release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Great Dave!

As an additional fix to this…and to avoid trashing the Prefs file…

Right click on the transport bar and view the list of ticked options.
If you don’t see the ‘Click & Count-In…’ option, click on Setup… at the bottom of the list.
Click the Reset All button.
Restart Cubase.

This worked for me and I had the same problem described above.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile: