transport bar overload light

Whenever I open any project, the transport bar overload light is lit red. I click on it and it goes out. I am just curious why? Is there a way to stop this behavior? It never goes red during the making and playing of any project. My computer has plenty of processing power. Just curious.

I assume you are talking about the ASIO meter?

It seems to be plugin related for me. I’ve noticed it with AmpliTube3. Loading a project with an instance of it or loading it fresh in an already opened project causes the overload spike. Reset it and everything is calm and stable so I haven’t given it much thought.

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There are different meters on the Transport bar. Can you describe, which meter is red, please?

Far upper left of transport bar. Both of the upper bars on the VST performance meter (right end). Even with no project loaded, a view of the performance meter and transport bar both show the red overload light when Cubase 7.01 opens. When clicked they go out and don not return throughout mixing, but reappear when I close the project and open it again (or open a blank project). It doesn’t seem to mean anything, except I can’t see why it lights. Thanks for the thoughts.

No idea, but I have it the same here.