Transport Bar "Typing in Locator values" way off!!!

Anyone here experiencing this? For example…the locators are presently at (left at measure 29) (right at measure 37).
OK, now i want to move the left locator to measure 5 so i use shortcut key L and type in 5; but the value shows 529! What happened? So i hit the left (L)shortcut key again, hit backspace to take off the 29. Same process for the position of the right locator. This does not happen when i first start Cubase. It starts to happen about 10 minutes after start-up. This is really strange behavior! Is this one of those trash the preferences situations? All help is appreciated. Thanks.

Anyone :question::confused:

What happens if you toggle the “Insert” key on your keyboard before typing in the value? The Insert key is a toggle between insert and overwrite methods in most applications (in Cubase it has the added function of Insert marker - so not sure if this will be a conflict).

Thanks BriHar for your help. i’ve never heard of this extra step, but i’m giving it a try! One more key stroke for a work-a-round is cool. i’ll give it a try and report back. Thanks again!

Gave it a try, but no cigar. Still have the strange behavior that i described in the first post. i think i’ll maybe try re-installing the software. :confused: It’s just that the soft-synth’s libraries and different programs are so huge! It takes a long time! :unamused: Thanks again though.

I am going insane with this problem as well. It started with Cubase 7 upgrade. Happens about 75 percent of the time. I am also getting this behaviour with the “set timecode at cursor” as well.

This is horrible …please fix ASAP.

It is not enough to just key in the one number try (shift-L)
I am of course assuming you’re in Bars & Beats time mode.

This problem has not been happening since Cubase SX1…this seems to be new. I tried new defaults but the problem came back quickly.

Trying to type say… 15.1,1.0. Would not matter because the problem happens when I try to type two digit numbers, I.e., 15 might automatically turn into 151 or 158, etc… This is horrible.