Transport Controls - Ugh!

I like the fact that the N10 Transport Panel now shows everything in a single row which can be placed nicely across the bottom of my wide screen, but I really dislike the graphics of the icons in the Transport Controls section. They look really cheap and nasty like some old piece of Panasonic hi-fi gear from the 1980’s. Awful, like someone’s first attempt at computer graphics (in the '80’s).

By contrast, the N8 Transport Panel looks much sharper and more professional.

How can this be seen as an improvement on the previous version?


Graphically, the GUI of NU10 is really hard to bear in general. Ugly fonts, ugly icons, ugly colours (which can be changed, but not reliably saved :unamused: ), everything is just a tad too big, too small or too blurry, and flickers at mouse-overs.

… I had to open an older project in NU5.5 yesterday … what a difference. Everything is sharp, slightly 3D, yet visually quiet and seemingly conforming to one graphical rule-book (not three or four). sigh … Made me remember why I used to be a Nuendo-evangelist throughout the first 15 years of that program.

I’ve now been testing N10 off-and-on for a couple of weeks and must say again how awful I think the new Transport icon graphics are. I simp!y can not get used to them. Why replace what has been very successful for years with something that makes the program look a bit like a childrens’ game?

In fact, there seem to be so many oversized, kindergarten icons around now that I feel that the application is beginning to lose its professional look.

Please stop this now Steinberg unless you are intending to turn Nuendo into a game.


Different, yes. Awful, no.

Testing Nu10 as well. Yea some of the transport panel graphics look a little basic. I tucked it down at the bottom of the screen and forgot about it. It’s made me realize how little I use the transport panel. The computer keyboard is my transport controller. These new graphics must be easier on the GPU than the older versions and that is very welcome.

Still smooth sailing with Nu10 here.

This. 95% of the time, the transport is just a visual monitor for me to check the tempo or look to see if the cycle is on or off, etc. Color distinctions showing item status at a glance are so much more helpful than passé 3D icons simulating the illusion of contour or depth.

There’s nothing really ugly in Nuendo 10 for me. New useful tools, some bugs as usual, but fully workable. I used to work, not to stare at button design, though I noticed it’s a bit more intelligable.

You are right, N10 is generally working pretty well for me. I just find the transport buttons in N8 to be sharper and more standard looking than the current offerings. When I go back to N8 the entire interface just seems clearer and more solid than the N10 version.

I I don´t share that opinion.

Because that’s not true - the new GUI is much clearer and sharper, the fonts, graphic elements and contrasts are much better in N 10…
please compare:

It’s definitely the right way to go.
Not perfect, but very close.


really…? :wink:

have a look:

Yes, definitely. Much nicer in N8.


Okay… maybe a bit nicer. But not clearer. We agree? :laughing:

Are you on 4k, Fenderchris? :slight_smile:


One more time I must agree with Dietz. I really don’t get it why nobody at SB can get this right.
They have eyes, I assume… Brains… and once in a while some staffers must actually be working with N10, too,… right?
There have been some improvements in N10, but, same time, they mess other (OK-) things up.
Is there a certain compulsion around there that forces them to foul something up when changing things?
Like we see it with too many politicians… :wink:
Imho, there is thick line between this ugly and and an amusement park light show design…
Just try to stay on this middle path… and all is good…

I agree with Dietz too.

For me the best thing would be that it would be responsive and switch to the n8 size-transport window if you resize it. There is still much that needs to be done to make this n10 UI pleasant to look at, because to be honest it gives me headaches the way it is now. It is not clearer, just busier.

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I don’t care much about the looks, but what bothers me is the fact that the transport control needs more space than any previous version I can think of. And I’m very picky with my space…
What about free scaling?

By the way, this was N5.5. Somehow I really preferred much of this ancient version. At least true for transport.