Transport Delay

I’m setting up midi control of Cubase 5 and I’ve noticed that when I use a button on the midi device to control any of the transport buttons there seems to be a delay before it carries out the function. This is the setup I have and the moment that the delay occurs:

  1. I press the play button on the Yamaha AW4416
  2. Midi message is triggered (red LED indicator lights up) on Midi IN of E-mu 0406 USB
  3. Midi message is recieved by Bome’s Midi Translator
  4. Bome’s Midi Translator converts the Sysex Signal to B0 39 7F/Controller 57, 127. I’m doing this as Cubase 5 doesn’t appear to accept incoming Sysex Midi Signals.
  5. Bome’s Midi Translator sends the converted signal via LoopBe Internal Midi Driver
  6. Cubase 5 detects the incoming signal from LoopBe Internal Midi Driver
  7. Cubase 5 converts the midi signal to a function (Transport Play)
  8. DELAY* The play button on Cubase 5 transport bar illuminates (although the stop button is still on) for about 3-4 seconds before the session actually plays.

Here’s some things I’ve tried or noticed whilst trying to work out where in the chain the problem stems from:

  • When I press play using the mouse or the keyboard the session begins to play immediately.

  • In Bome’s Midi Translator you are able to translate the incoming midi to a key stroke. I set the outgoing to the ‘spacebar’ and the track played immediately when I hit the play button the the midi controller. However I don’t want to use keystrokes to control Cubase as this may cause unwanted effects.

  • I used the same play button on the controller and assigned it to ‘mute’ on audio channel 1. The mute switched on and off immediately and without delay.

  • I used another button to of the control surface and programmed it to trigger the play button in Cubase’s transport. The delay still occurred

Anyone else experienced something similar and knows of a solution to try?