Transport integration in komplete kontrol s49

The ‘return to start of song’ option with the transport buttons of S49 MkII is not currently implemented in Cubase 10 pro.

The KK S49 manual mentions that SHIFT + PLAY restarts the clock and returns the cursor to the start of the song. However, in Cubase, the shift button has no effect at all on the functions of the start button.

I have spoken to Native Instruments support, who advise that ‘Shift + Play should indeed restart playback at the beginning of your project in Cubase, as the Play button shows the alternate function ‘Restart’ on it.’

Native Instruments was able to reproduce this missing feature – suggesting:

‘it seems it is the way Cubase behaves as I was also able to do this using the key commands on my computer’s keyboard. It will go back to wherever the playhead was set to prior, but one workaround is to press the key [,] (comma) to rewind at the beginning of the project.

While not ideal, it is your best option. I would recommend contacting Steinberg about this to see if they could perhaps add a setting to bypass this workflow – I was not able to find any options addressing this on my end.’

Could I therefore request that integration with KK s49 transport buttons is as intended/expected by Native Instruments, in a future release, please. As NI says, the option of using keyboard commands to ‘return to start’ is not ideal and it really defeats the object of using the keyboard fully in my workflow.

Thank you

What midi message exactly does the device send? Have you checked it out using the Generic Remote ‘Learn’ function, or in a midi monitor insert?

It’s really up to NI to make sure their device work with various daws.

It’s possible that you’d be able to get it working on your own using the Generic Remote or MMC