Transport metronome button V. control room metronome button?

Hi folks,

I’m probably just being a dumbass, but i don’t understand how the transport metronome button & control room metronome buttons interact.

I have a keyboard shortcut for turning on / off the metronome, but this doesn’t effect the control room metronome button.

Problem is, turning the transport metronome button on / off has no effect (no metronome sound heard).

Whereas turning on the control room metronome button lets me hear the metronome

Futhermore, I can’t assign a keyboard shortcut to the control room metronome button.


A couple of question: what’s the purpose of these two different, independent met. buttons?

Is there any way to link them?

If not, how do i assign a keyboard shortcut to the control room metronome button?

I’m on the latest version of Cubase.

Thanks! …J

The metronome button on the transport bar turns the metronome on or off.
The metronome button in the Control room determines whether you’ll hear the metronome though the control room (if it’s turned on on the Transport bar).

That’s how it works for me, as it should I think?

Also, check the level control for the click in the Control Room.

Yes, this confused me, too when I first began using CR. As Planarchist said, just make sure the blue MM button is “On” in the CR. Once it’s on, you can turn the click on and off per normal with “C.” If you use Cues in the CR, you can send the Click to any of the CR Cue Mixes.

Ahhhh, thanks, that does it, as luck would have it i hadn’t stumbled upon that combination!

Glad it worked out. If you put a listen Reverb in the CR Monitor strip, you’ll have some verb on the click. I’ve found it smooths things out and makes the click a bit more musical.

The real missing answer here is that there’s no keyboard shortcut for toggling the separate Control Room metronomes on and off. (you have to leave them on and toggle the main transport metronome. ) Would be great if there were additional shortcuts available to toggle these independent click controls. I found this thread while searching for the same answer. Anyway know how to get inside the guts of Cubase to add shortcuts to the code that are not offered?

First of all, there is no separate Control Room metronome. There is only one metronome in Cubase.
Have you looked in Key Commands under Control Room? That’s where I see it.

Thanks @mlib, that’s the whole point. There is no key command to allow you to toggle the one and only Cubase metronome on and off within individual outputs in Control Room. I’ve got it covered in terms of the shortcut for the main metronome but it would be great to be able quickly toggle the metronome for say cue 1, because the person recording a part with that cue as their headphone mix, doesn’t want click, but the person using cue 2 does. Of course you can mouse click it, but when you’ve got the potential to integrate these controls into a physical midi controller, it would be nice. There are so many other key commands available for Control Room, it’s puzzling that this was left off. Another obvious omission is the absence of “Select Previous Downmix Preset”, (when “Select Next Downmix Preset” exists). (same goes for “Select Previous Monitor”, (when only “Select Next Monitor” exists.) Just interesting decision. These are not earth shattering problems by any means, but just clarifying because seems like you didn’t catch the subtlety being asked about by @Jazzius the original poster. Thx.

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