Transport out of sync with pointer

Hi folks,

I found a post about this from last year with no replies, and I’m having the same problem and wonder if anybody knows what causes it or how to fix it.

Was working on a song, and Cubase crashed.
When i re-opened the song i noticed that when i hover the pointer for example on bar 2.1.1 the actual transport is about an inch to the right of where the pointer is, and it starts playing around bar 3.1.1.

Opened a backup, and a similar problem, though it’s only about a half inch off.

Opened a different song, and the pointer/transport are in perfect sync.

Any ideas?


What’s the Snap value set to?

Hi Mr. Mitten,

Thanks for the quick reply!

Basically i have 3 midi tracks, and two audio tracks that all start at the very beginning of the song.
The snap on both audio tracks is set to The “offset” is set to 0.

The thing is, i cannot get the transport line to VISUALLY return to the beginning of the song.
On the transport bar is says measure, but on the ruler/main window the transport line is actually an inch to the right… so it LOOKS like it’s on measure 2 or 3… and it doesn’t matter if i resize the grid, the transport stays in the same spot… it’s like it’s out of calibration.

Any thoughts?


Screenshot of Project Window? What happens if you hit . on the number pad a couple of times?

Wow… you are fast!

OK, hitting the period does nothing, comma takes it back to what it “thinks” is the beginning. You can see the transport says, but look where the timeline bar thing is.(not sure what you call that line)
Also, see where my mouse pointer is? That time line SHOULD be right under it… it used to be, but now it’s like it’s glued an inch to the right. Weird?

Screen Shot 2012-01-19 at 1.54.24 PM.png

Transport bar Sync Idle ?

Switch sync off.

Eh… nope, i tried it both ways just to test. not synced to anything, just internal.

Turn Sync off unless you’re using external kit you want to control via Cubase. Not the problem, but just so you know. If you click in the timeline and drag it to the beginning will it go?

When all else fails, trash Prefs. See sig for instructions.

Nope, when i click the timeline it is locked in place about an inch to the right of wherever the mouse is.

I made a new project and just copied all the files into it though, and it seems to work fine, just a weird anomaly.

I also replicated what made Cubase crash.
I imported a 5 minute wav file and copied it into the song.
When i double clicked it to open the sampler editor and then selected the speaker tool and clicked on the wav shape to audition it, it started playback from the very beginning of the sample, not the location i clicked on. From here i could do nothing at all. Last night i force quit at that moment, and there started the timeline calibration issue. Today i just let it play out to see what would happen, and after 2 loops thru the whole wav it started doing mini-loops, then crashed.
The bright side is, this time the playback timeline seems fine.
It’s Cubase 5LE, so i guess bugs are to be expected.

Thanks for the quick replies though guys!