Transport panel bar numbers BUG (Mac only)

I have posted this before - with no answers. So I try again:
When I have bar numbers exceeding 100, the first digit (the 1 of the 100) cannot be read in the transport panel.
Later: Thanks for replying. So - I edit out the ?mark after BUG in Subject. Bug confirmed and reported. Mac only.

:open_mouth: You are absolutely right! (at least, here on Mac). I’d never even noticed it before :blush:

Yes, confirmed here on Mac…

This is a 6.02 bug…

Same here. (6.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.6.7)

Pc WinXP is OK

OK. Transport panel BUG: Mac only.

I concur, on both my Macs, Pro and bookPro

Same here on Mac.

MacPro 2.8 OSX 10.6.6 : same thing here…