Transport Panel disappears during project

I am using Cubase Pro 8 and running the latest update 8.02.0 . My transport panel will disappear from view during a project and there is no way to bring it back up without closing project and restarting Cubase. Even then, it will often not be available when I start up the project again. Toggling F2 does nothing.

I am sorry for the trouble. Does the problem occur in a new Empty project? What operating system are you on? Are you using multiple monitors? Before Cubase Pro 8, what other versions of Cubase did you have on the system?

A new empty project will show the transport panel. It is usually just a matter of time until it disappears. I am using Windows 8 64bit. 3 monitor setup. I’ve used Cubase since version 4. Only 7.5 and Pro 8 have been installed on this system.

Thank you.

If you go to Transport, Transport Panel, does the active window change at all? If you select it a 2nd time, does the active window change then at all?

Save a version of the empty project with the Transport Panel in the center of your screen. If you have the panel go missing in a project, leave that project open, then open the “Transport Panel” empty project. Does the panel reappear? If you close the “Transport Panel” project, does it stay visible?

The workaround is a brilliant idea. Yes, the TP stays on the screen after closing the dummy project and continuing the active one. However, if I try and move the TP or close it…it will not reappear. I have to do the little trick all over again. This is not ideal and a bit frustrating. Again, it does allow me to continue working in a project in case of emergency.

Thank you.

Glad to hear we’ve got a workaround, but let’s keep digging to see if we can get your system back to “normal”. A few more questions: Does the problem happen at in 7.5 now? Are you on a dual monitor (or more system)? If so, what resolutions are the 2 screens set to? When did the problem start? Has anything recently changed on the system?

I’m not using 7.5 any more, so not sure if it happens. The problem started a few weeks ago and I have not made any changes to system setting. Main monitor is is 2560x1440 and monitors on each side are 1920x1200.

I would recommend having all of the monitors set to the same resolution. Were you on a 3 monitor setup with Cubase 7.5? It is odd that this type of issue would occur without any change. Did you import a .cpr file from a friend’s system or a system that did not have the same monitor setup?

Yes it is strange but I’ve had the same setup for 6 months and have not imported any cpr files.