Transport panel display issue... (more or less solved)

H, all

Continuing to patiently test C7 (at its present 7.0.5 state), I stumbled recently on this one : from the project window with the transport panel displayed, opening the MixConsole to set something and reclosing it makes the transport panel disappear if the project window is maximized (as I always use it).

Repro :

  1. In the maximized project window, be sure that the transport panel is displayed.
  2. Open any of the three MixConsoles (either with the ‘Devices’ menu or with F3/F4/F5)
  3. Close the MixConsole involved.
  4. You are left with a project window without the transport panel : you have to hit F2 to use it again.

Checking in the ‘Transport’ menu, I can see that the ‘Transport panel’ menu option is unticked right after opening the MixConsole. Not a biggie, but it’s irritating and isn’t happening with 6.5.4. Could someone confirm before making an issue report ?

Not confirmed here. Mixconsole in what mode…?

Afraid I don’t understand : what do you mean by ‘in what mode’ ?

“Always on top”
“Full screen monitor 1”
“Full screen monitor 2”
EDIT: Can now confirm it, with none of the above “modes” enabled.

Confirmed long ago. VST windows disappear, also.

I don’t have the two last modes available but, indeed, with the ‘Always on top’ mode, the transport panel behaves as it should. Just checked with 6.5.4 and the transport panel remains displayed, but at the expense that the project window looses its maximized state, if the ‘Always on top’ status isn’t enabled. Just forgot this one after all this time…

So, I’ll just have to keep the MixConsole window as ‘Always on top’ as I always did with previous versions : problem solved, thanks !

Problem NOT solved, actually : just got this one (see the attachment) two times in a row, after closing the MixConsole with its ‘Always on top’ status enabled…

That also seems to be quite common in C 7.05, when an insert slot is selected…!?
I´d try the thrash prefs method…

You’re probably right and I reacted too quickly : just tried once more to relaunch C7 with the same project and no more crash. But it’s something that I expereienced yesterday just after closing the MixConsole and after having tweaked the metering colors in the preferences. Seems that there is an unstability here, which has nothing to do with the ‘always on top’ status. Guess that I’ll have to retrieve previously saved preferences…