Transport panel problem - LE5

I’m relatively new to Cubase so I apologise in advance if this is a silly query!

I cannot change the tempo in my Cubase projects as the right hand side of the transport panel is not being displayed.
I’ve never had this problem before and I have no idea how to fix it even after reading the documentation, asking more experienced friends, searching the forums, using google, searching through all the menus in Cubase, etc.
The virtual keyboard is displayed as normal and so are the buttons (play, etc.) in the middle. But the rest of it has just disappeared.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

I´d try a right click…
And still this is the german forum…

That fixed it, I feel a bit silly since the solution was so simple xD
Also, very sorry, I thought this was the English forum!
Thank you very very much anyway :slight_smile: