Transport Pinned to Top of Edit Window

Is it possible to have the transport buttons (play,record,rewind,ff) pinned to the top of the edit window, or at least a play/record indicator?


Right click on an empty spot on the Toolbar at the top and select ‘Show transport buttons’ (or something like that).


I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the edit window. Are you sure you’re not referring to the Arrange window because?Because I’m looking for exactly that functionality within the piano roll editor window.


Another option… You can have those particular functions show on the top toolbar. Just use the toolbar customize function to add them. If that’s all you really use the transport panel for then read this post and if you agree… show some love for it.


Sorry, I missed the ‘edit’ window bit. But you can do what Prock suggested, just show the basic transport buttons which take very little screen space, and can, obviously be moved anywhere.