transport question re basic audio cd

scratching my head here.

I am using the basic audio CD to run off a 1-track CD and when I click on the ‘audition’ marker on a track, it plays. But I cannot for the life of me work out how to stop the playback! Even if I delete the basic audio CD tracks and close the window, it keeps playing!!

Is there a transport button missing which stops the audition? I have tried double clicking and right clicking and searching the drop down menus, nothing there.

Any help?



Space bar or transport bar.

appreciate your help.

space bar does work, but transport bar seems dimmed out?


on my screen, if I have a basic audio CD window open with files in it, I can use the space bar only to stop the playing, and all the buttons on the transport bar are dimmed, except for record?

Is there some command elsewhere which would make the transport bar useable when making a basic audio CD?


You just need to open any audio file.

thanks for your help.

So the transport bar does not show up when auditioning clips in basic CD maker?

But does show up and controls the auditioning if the clip is also open in WL7?


I think something will help you in 7.1…

I also have a thread to do with having to keep clicking the write CD panel when burning multiple CDs. I have my screens and mouse in my studio, but for quiet I have my music PC in another room and when burning multiple CDs I have to keep going back into the studio whenever I put in a new CD for writing to click the OK button.

It would be SO helpful if, when burning multiple CDs, then WL7 would recognise this and just start the burn process as soon as the new CD was put in the CD drive?

I believe Nero does this automatically.


When is 7.1 due?


In April - not specified further…

Luck, Arjan