Transport - Return to start position bug

Hi, I noticed a small bug.
In certain scenario when spacebar is pressed and playback cursor returns to start position, then monitoring will stop working. There is a way to recreate this situation.

  1. turn on monitoring so you can hear your microphone
  2. turn on “transport - return to start position” so when playback is stopped, it returns to the start
  3. make a volume automation fadeout on STEREO OUT track (this is important)
  4. press play and stop before the fade out and everything will be OK
  5. press play and stop after the fade out and you will return to start but the monitoring will now be mute. The monitoring stays silent even if you press play again. Monitoring will be mute until you stop the playback again BEFORE the fade out. The playback itself is not muted (I can hear the instrumental), just the monitoring is gone.

It seems Cubase keeps the monitoring level of the place where playback was stopped and forgets to reset it.

All best,