Transport: Return to Start Position

There is an option in Cubase settings to automatically move playhead to last start position. Once set, it’s permanent and doesn’t require a key command.

In Dorico I have only been able to find a shorcut method, not a fixed one:


I’ve started volume balancing a template and this option from Cubase is sorely missed, since it means endless key presses!

Grateful if anyone knows if there’s a way or a macro etc… Thanks!

I’m not sure why a shortcut can’t work for what you are asking.

Since I’m here, however, I’ll ask a command for starting from the beginning of the flow. I would find it much more useful than starting from the beginning of the project.


Because it is an extra key stroke - in Cubase it’s eliminated via a settings option as a permanent method to operate transport.

The shorcut you want is available here:


Not exactly: that one moves the playhead to the beginning of the flow, but without immediately starting playback.

On the contrary, the Play from Start of project command immediately starts playing from the beginning of the project.


IIRC hitting shift-space should start playback from the last starting position, no matter the selection. John Barron mentioned it near the end of this months Discover Dorico session.

So although it’s not moved directly after playback, it’s still one key command to make it go.

Yes, that’s really what I was trying to say earlier:

  • on transport stop, return playhead automatically to last start position

…just like the Cubase option.

Perhaps there is a macro or JSON hack that can be made?

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And I was saying, that

  • The cursor automatically returning to the previous starting position and me hitting space to start playback…

… and …

  • the cursor NOT returning and me hitting shift-space to start playback from the previous starting position…

… are basically the same thing.